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7 Photographers you must follow on instagram 2018

Today I want to point out some of the instagram profiles of photographers that i follow and i consider masters.

Let's start by immediately listing (in no particular order because I have no preference, they are all sublime) the various artists and describing their type of photography.

[@JuliamStarr] deals mainly with nature photography.

She has a very "bright" style, preferring photos of mountains and the typical american roads in the middle of nature. All the shades of blue stand out very much, which also makes the vision of her photos very relaxing.

[@alessioalbi] is a profile that i discovered recently at the suggestion of a friend of mine (thanks Giulia). Alessio is an Italian photographer, he deals with portraits. He has a very intense style, perfectly captures moving subjects, inserting them in very suggestive environments and, in interior-set portraits, takes full advantage of the cuts produced by the light passing through the window.

[@andraincmurray] is an american photographer from Idaho, with a particular story that i invite you to discover on his site -> andriancmurray.com. Substantially publishes very "familiar" photos, in the literal sense of the term. On his profile you can admire the skill with which he captures the moments that mark his day. He lives in a house surrounded by greenery, near a lake and surrounded by deer. Each of his photos is a poem.

[@dan_hecho] is a ukrainian photographer who prefers nude photography. He has a really special and interesting style. One of its characteristics is the way he can make any picture as a painting. Through the use of a very soft light, of a chromatic yield tending to gold, the skin of his models acquires a "velvet" effect. This is an element that contributes to highlight even more the female forms. He often uses clothes with which the models are "covered", as if he wanted to recall the ancient statues of the classical age.

[@ vieler.photography] totally changing genre, long ago i came across this "funny" and fantastic profile. Christian Vieler mostly immortalizes dogs. Of any race, always using a "natural pose" that can get any dog he photographed. How can he do it?? Well, with a crunchy for dog any dog will be obedient as Rin tin tin !!! The image quality is SICK (Shoot with a 5D Mark 4). If you love furry friends, this is the right photographer to follow!

[@ rafya88] is an excellent indonesian "Digital Artist". His job is to create images using Photoshop. Use photos and stock images taken from third-party sites and create fantastic posters. I would define its genre as metaphysical.

[@gianluca_festinese] is another teacher, italian this time, of post production.

His has a very "Dark" style. The photos he produces are almost always retouched with Photoshop. It seems that he is going to shoot them into another world, then return to earth and share with us the places he has visited.

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